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Free Downloads-Retirement

 At NXT Phase Financial, we pride ourselves on our ability to financially educate you on what you have and what you need. An educated client is our best client. Take advantage of our financial resources by downloading any of these whitepapers below.

<span>Five Ways to Stay Confident</span>

Five Ways to Stay Confident

This whitepaper takes a critical look at the finances of retirement. It talks about health care costs, income stability, and the burden of debt and is designed to help you know the recipe for success in retirement.


<h2>Preparing For A Satisfying Retirement</h2>

Preparing For A Satisfying Retirement

With so many Americans retiring from the workforce, the need for expert advice on 401(k) Retirement Plans has grown. This whitepaper is full of tips and tricks for 401(k) participants to ensure they're getting the most out of their retirement plan.Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.


<span>4 Critical Social Security Facts</span>

4 Critical Social Security Facts

Social Security is a significant concern for many Americans and plays a vital role in retirement. This whitepaper shares some important facts about Social Security and what investors should know. 


<h2>59 1/2: Why Is This Age So Important?</h2>

59 1/2: Why Is This Age So Important?

At 59-and-a-half, one may encounter new financial options, including the ability to make early withdrawals from retirement accounts and other considerations. Learn more about this important age and the doors it opens as you plan your financial strategy.