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Insurance planning

Life Insurance

We care about ensuring that you, your family, and your business are taken care of in case of an unfortunate life event. Insurance is essential to any comprehensive financial security plan because it can help protect you and your family from undue hardship. We strive to bring you the best coverage for life and long-term care insurance. We provide non-proprietary solutions and partner with some of the largest insurers in the nation so we can shop the market for you, and we can consult with you on the best coverage for your needs.

Often overlooked, life insurance can offer you everything from supplemental tax-free income through potential cash value accumulation, a usually tax-free death benefit to your family for income replacement or estate taxes, or to fund a buy-sell agreement for business continuity.

We help you understand your current policies, review them and discuss with you if what you have still makes sense. If you don’t have life insurance, we talk about whether you need it or not. For those with more mature policies, if the policies have cash value, we often find that we can upgrade those policies to either reduce cost, increase coverage, or both. Over time, longer life expectancies, newer solutions and other aspects can make the cost of insurance lower than when you originally purchased a policy.

Long-Term Care Insurance

An unexpected, extended healthcare situation can be devastating for anyone’s retirement or legacy plan. We’ve all either read about the increasing costs of care or have had to help a family member through it. Today’s solutions are not the same ones most of our parents had available to them. 

Traditional long-term care policy holders pay a premium and if they do not use it, they lose that money. Think of it like buying homeowner’s insurance. If you have a mortgage, you are required to buy it. In most cases, you will never have a disaster that will require you to cash in on that policy. If that is the case, you’ve paid premiums for something you’ll never use. Today’s long-term care policies have evolved. Life insurance and asset based long-term care policies all allow you to get some other benefit. If you do not use those policies for care, then that money comes back to you or your family in some form. It just depends on the policy. Let us help you figure out what makes sense. You insure your car and your house, why not insure your retirement?

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