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Variable Annuity Contracts

Choosing a vendor for your 403(b) plan can be very confusing due to the number of options. Individual accounts in a 403(b) plan can fall into one of the following categories:  a variable annuity contract, which is a contract provided through an insurance company and known as a 403(b)1, or a custodial account, which is an account invested in a mutual fund and known as a 403(b)7.

This article examines variable annuity contracts. But right off the bat, you should know that annuities have high surrender fees, high-pressure sales tactics, high expense ratio, Mortality and Expense Fee, and steep commissions for the people who sell them.

A variable annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company in which your contributions are deducted from your paycheck before taxes.  A variable annuity has two phases: an accumulation phase and a payout (annuitization) phase.  The goal of a variable annuity is to provide a steady stream of income during retirement. (Note: You do not have to take out money as a series of payments. You can just take the money out when you want it, pursuant to IRS regulations.)

Most variable annuity contracts purchased by educators are sold by a sales rep from an insurance company who arrives in the faculty lunchroom to give a presentation.  The sales rep may tell you that you don't have to pay anything for their service. But no one works for free.

A variable annuity commission is an amount the sales rep is paid when they sell you a variable annuity. Some receive an upfront commission for selling the variable annuity and a smaller "trailing commission" for each year that you own the account. Trailing commissions are yearly payments to the rep from your variable annuity. Their pay is usually a percent of the amount you deposit, either on a deposit-based or asset-based option.1

Annuities also have a feature called the ‘surrender charge period’.  This can run from 5 to 10 years depending on the variable annuity you have.  During this time frame, you cannot move your money out of the variable annuity without incurring a penalty. Some vendors charge rolling surrender charges so each new contribution out of your paycheck starts a new surrender time frame.

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